— February 19, 2019 —

Beautiful human Cianne is originally from Darwin, Australia but has since packed up and relocated to Melbourne (where fellow CPC gal Mercy Sang recently shot her being her most fab self). Growing up, her mum was instrumental in helping to shape the person she is today, instilling values of morality, humility and being understanding towards others in her at a young age.

“My mother told me to believe in myself, and to be optimistic, and that if I ever had an idea or desire to do something, I should not doubt my ability to make it happen,” she explains. “[Instead, she taught me that] I should focus, and apply myself, and give it my best effort—that way I may be able to realise my dreams, and if not, I won’t regret not trying.”

Her mum also helped to kick start her career in modelling, after suggesting she enter a CM Models competition in Darwin. Although she had no prior experience and found it to be quite nerve-racking, she placed in the top five and was signed first to Muse Models and then to People Agency. The rest, as they say, is history.

The best thing about her job is “meeting new people and modelling beautiful fashion” and she’s found the move to Melbourne to be super beneficial to her career, as it’s brought about a “whole lot of opportunities” that wouldn’t have otherwise existed. While she’s enjoying how big, new and exciting Melbourne is, she misses her friends, family and pets back home in Darwin, and has found the planning, logistics and financial budgeting to be the most difficult things about the move. If you were ever to find yourself in Darwin at the same time as her, she’d treat you and your eyeballs to a grand tour of the scenic Litchfield National Park.

Cianne enjoys using social media on a daily basis and would “definitely miss it” and “feel a little out of touch” with her social network if she had to give it up for a week, although reckons she’d ultimately survive. The first thing she does when waking up in the morning is sit down to have breakfast, watch the morning television, and plan out her day. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her day, nutritional value notwithstanding, it’d be nachos. She’s not reading any books at the moment, preferring to read stories and factual articles on social media instead, but recommends watching the movie ‘The Longest Ride’ and listening to Khalid’s ‘East Side’ if you’re after some fresh entertainment.

Within the next ten years, she hopes to see “more people of all cultural backgrounds, especially Indigenous Australians, make the most of the great amount of opportunity we have in this country to better their quality of life.” Female relationships are very important to her. “As females, sharing our insight and experiences, and supporting one another through life's challenges is so beneficial to us, and can make us stronger, more understanding and happier women,” she says.

The term ‘cool’ has various meanings to her, depending on the context. “The important can be used to describe a person who is strong and stands for what they believe in, yet is soft-hearted and forgiving,” she says. “Someone who is understanding and caring, someone who values education and understanding the world and people, someone who makes an effort to achieve and is somewhat proud of who they are, yet is humble and thankful.”

Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Mercy Sang    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Cianne is represented by People MELBOURNE

Shot on location in Melbourne


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