Kat Wu


— February 7, 2017 —

Up until recently Kat was not a girl, not yet a woman but she’s since turned 18 — a rite of passage she celebrated by way of a joint hotel party and a night hitting the clubs. The little lord grew up in Sydney but moved to Canberra at age 11; a more chill environment that helped her “attain a peaceful mind.”

The best piece of advice she’s ever received is “you’d rather regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did”, finds Daria to be her on-screen soulmate because of her IDGAF attitude, and counts her mum as being her biggest female idol in life. <3. 

If she had to give up social media for a week she’d probs die during first few days but overall thinks it’d be a good cleanse. She has just finished school and is excited to experience the real world and is her happiest self when she’s around people she loves, preferably on an adventure or out at a concert, or with her new kitten. 

Kat loves the internet because it allows people to express themselves and affords opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist — and also low-key because of the ease in which you can stalk people — but doesn’t like how antisocial everyone has become nowadays. She lives by the tenet that “nothing is perfect, but your outfit can be". Word. 

Words: Maddy Woon        Images: Chloé Hill

Kat is represented by Priscillas SYDNEY

Shot on location in Kensington in Sydney, Australia


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