Photo Diary: Betty Krag’s Summer Feat. Jelly Shoes, Dogs and Sunflowers


— September 9, 2019 —

Hello, and welcome to Copenhagen cutie Betty Krag’s floral, pastel-saturated world. ICYMI, we were in town for Copenhagen Fashion Week recently, making friends and furiously snapping all the cute outfits cutting around outside the shows. While there, we hung with the young creative/jewellery designer and asked her to walk us through the highlights reel of her Vitamin D-drenched summer. 

What emerged was a very satisfying photo diary full of pearls, dogs, jelly shoes in the shower, Man Repeller beanies, sunflowers and more lovely outfits than you could point your 35mm lens at. From New York to Italy and beyond, peep all the fun times above, then get to know more about the angel pie and her sunny city below…

Can you give us the Betty elevator pitch?

Hi, there. I'm Betty, lovely to meet you. The weather is amazing today right?! Diiing… PS I love bubble tea! Bye!

What was your highlight of Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Dancing in the rain on a tennis court at the GANNI show while Mø was performing ‘Lean On’ is definitely an unforgettable memory! 

What’s the best thing about living in Copenhagen?
The amazing restaurants, bakeries and vintage stores popping up everywhere. And the best thing is that everything is only a bike ride away. Also, my dog loves to join me on the bike (I casually put him in my bicycle basket)!

Where would you take someone visiting for the first time?

I would start out the day at At The Counter—a cafe owned by the Juno the Bakery guys—and would order the sunny side up sandwich. Then I’d visit the most amazing store called Holly Golightly, where you can fall in love with the newest Maryam Nassir drop, or to a lovely art installation. Finally, the countryside is calling! Time to take a short trip 40 minutes out of town, and visit the impressive museum Louisiana in Humlebæk, which is placed along the most lovely beach shore—the perfect spot for an afternoon swim! I would end the day with a late night coffee softice at Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade at Nørrebro. Goodniiighttt! 

If Copenhagen were a YouTube video:
‘International Breakthrough’ by Marvelous Mosell.

If Copenhagen were a colour:

There is definitely a lot of red here—both houses and our flag, as well. But with some ~Copenhagen style~ glasses on, I would say that you see a lot of girls strolling the streets in yellow here.

If Copenhagen were a song:

‘Dansevise’ by the Danish Eurovision duo Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann. 

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Betty Krag


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