— October 25, 2017 —

23-year-old cool gal Adau was born in South Sudan, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Called Twinkle by her friends, the Taurus believes her upbringing in Sudan helped her to follow her dreams, and help those who are in need. ICMYI, she was involved in the Miss World contest this year, and says the beauty pageant world is v different to the modelling industry. It’s really important to her to have a platform like Miss World to help the needy and inspire change in the world, and moreover, to boost confidence and bolster self-esteem. 

This week, the beaut legend opened her own catwalk academy, a boot camp for aspiring models. Congrats! When she’s in need of an inspiration injection, she looks no further than Queen Bey, and she looks for loyalty, trustworthiness, good listening skills, and supportiveness in her friendships (basically all the attributes she herself has). She believes our generation needs to work on “having more compassion” and thinks we could all benefit from listening to our parents a bit more. 

At current, she thinks the biggest misconceptions surrounding models are that they don’t eat and their work is easy. Her all-time fave model in history is Tyra Banks, because of her confidence and personality. “She was the first African American to appear on GQ magazine, and is one of the top model’s in the industry to have paved a way in the modelling industry for us dark-skinned models”, she continues. 

Health, love and family are three most important things to her in life. In the next 10 years, she hopes to be happy and settled in life, and for society in general, that we have better President’s and world leaders. After a long day, she likes to unwind with a nice glass of vino and an episode of Gossip Girl. 

To her, ‘cool’ equates to style: “Someone who is nice yet really stylish with a mint personality.” 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Bec Martin   Fashion: Abby Bennett    Beauty: Karen Burton

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Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia


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