Aussie Photographer Steph Geddes Gives Us a Backstage Tour

New York

— March 1, 2023 —

Tiktok may be awash with runway videos and celebrity front row looks, but when it comes to Fashion Week we love nothing more than getting backstage for the nitty gritty of what really goes into a fashion show.

We tasked Aussie pal Steph Geddes with taking us behind the scenes at some up-and coming designer shows in Copenhagen and New York and boy did she deliver. From twinning Royal Tenenbaums inspired two pieces, to layered looks you'll want to replicate this season.

What better was to mark the first day of Autumn than with a plethora of winter-ready looks — delve into Steph's images above and read below as she shares some insight into what shooting at Fashion Week is really like (hint: not so glamorous).


Best thing about being a photographer at Fashion Week?
Being a photographer at Fashion Week is the best part! I wrangled my way backstage for the first time 9 seasons ago after cold emailing every designer on the schedule. The fact that I get to do this each season makes me so happy, and despite the crazy hours I feel energised, creative and so lucky.

And the worst?
Old school attitudes and elitism. As Fashion Weeks slowly become more inclusive on all fronts I see the openness and camaraderie backstage grow as well. With so many photographers trying to capture looks in such a short amount of time, it is a real vibe when you connect with your fellow creatives backstage and work together to build an open space for everyone to work. It’s not always the case though, and the high paced environment can bring out the worst in people. 

What's your go-to outfit when shooting at Fashion Week in winter?
I am the least chic. It’s all about comfort, warmth and layers that I can safely sweat through. My uniform this season was grey Muji trousers (elastic waistbands for life), a grey Cos knit and running shoes. My goal is to figure out how to combine style and comfort but I’m not there yet!

Yummiest meal you ate between shows?
Keeping with the theme of practical over glamor, my food is always on the go. Donner kebabs in Copenhagen are incredible, Dürüm Symfoni in Nørrebro makes their bread fresh for each order and I think about it too often. Kebab in one hand, editing with the other. 

Favourite way to wind down after a busy day shooting?
During Fashion Week I’m always coming straight home to edit since photos and videos are usually due the same night. To decompress I’ll usually get home, wash off the grime and get into pajamas to edit. A celebratory glass of red wine will then be consumed while the files are uploading. 

Favourite collection to shoot this season?
PH5’s collection — titled ‘This Is Not A Jellyfish’. From the make-up to the styling, it was so colorful and fun, but also made with 90% recycled materials. CPHFW is a pioneer in sustainability, so it’s nice to see brands in the more ‘established’ fashion weeks making significant inroads to a more sustainable future. 

Best accessory you saw backstage?
PH5’s bags — all handmade my Creative Director (and fellow Aussie) Zoe Champion using plastic she collected from friends and family. Also a shoutout to the crystal incrusted tennis ball bag at Baum und Pferdgarten, whose collection was inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums. As a RT fan, all the little references were a delight. It’s also a nice reminder that fashion doesn’t have to be so serious. 

And best overall look?
The sheer silver dress worn by Finley Dahl at Priscavera — it looked like liquid, it was giving me 90s Botticelli vibes. 

Favourite backstage beauty moment?
Fluro eyeshadow at PH5, I love a pop of color. Also the thin eyebrows at Priscavera, although as someone who lived through 2000 brows the first time I’m conflicted about their return.

Kindest person you bumped into backstage?
Josefin Freij, Head of Brand for Lovechild in Copenhagen. She was one of the first people to give me a shot when I was new in town and I’ll be forever grateful. 


Photos: Steph Geddes


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