Photo Diary: Backstage @ Copenhagen Fashion Week With Stephanie Geddes


— August 16, 2023 —

You can count on Copenhagen brands to pull together an odd mix of trends and make them suddenly extremely appealing. Take pointed wedge heels paired with knee-high socks at Ganni or a crochet bra layered under a leather jacket at The Garment. Only the Danes could pull together such off-kilt combinations and make us desperately want to wear them. 

Then there’s the way they make neutral ensembles actually fun. Scroll through the gallery above, and you’ll find countless looks devoid of colour, yet every single outfit is so far from bland your most eccentric mate would take a second glance. 

Not only did our go-to backstage photographer and Aussie mate Stephanie Geddes document all the cute fashion on her ”low-res digital cam”, but she made sure to get right up close for some beauty details. And boy, was it all about the brows — brushed up and coloured in — the bushier, the better. Then there was the blink-and-you'll-miss-them butterflies adorning eyelids at Ganni and flushed cheeks at The Garment. 

Relive so many of the best moments from the week that was Copenhagen Fashion Week in the gallery above. Enjoy!

Feature: Chloe Hill     Photos: Stephanie Geddes


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