Tome’s PFW Presentation Literally Rendered Us Speechless


— March 5, 2018 —

It’s not everyday that something is so magnificently mind-blowing that it renders us speechless, but after peeping Tome’s presentation at PFW, not a single word tumbled from our overwhelmed mouths.

Once we regained command of our words, we couldn’t stop gushing. The black velvet, perfectly draped over beautiful bodies! The models! The textures! The prints! The wallpaper!

We kind of felt like we were in Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ film clip, what with the clashing animal prints and all. But it was really the incredible artist Tschabalala Self who inspired the beaut collection.

Major, major props to Tome for another spectacular, heart-warming show.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill




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