Tiggy Ridgway

Tāmaki Makaurau

— February 20, 2017 —

Tiggy is a clean-living legend from Western Australia. Looking back on her childhood, she only now realises how lucky she was to have grown up on a farm in that paradisiacal corner of the world. To someone who’d never been, she’d describe it as a place unlike any other, with “long white beaches and barely another person around; the bush is so gorgeous and so quiet yet still filled with life… and the trees and flora have such a calming fragrance.” To someone who has never been there, it sure sounds like heaven. 

She’s about to move to NY, so naturally we sussed what F.R.I.E.N.D.S character she most relates to. Turns out she’s never seen it, which makes sense because she is always on the hunt for “new experiences and new adventures" which probs doesn't leave much time for 90s TV. Her latest adventure was to NZ — where we shot the ginger-haired beauty in Albert park — and based on her time there, she’d recommend dropping by Little Bird “for some seriously amazing health food (especially the Vietnamese crepe)”, to Ponsonby Road for shopping, and the La Cigale French Market in Parnel, which has “an array of yummy goodies.” 

Quitting sugar is one of her proudest achievements to date, ‘cause she “used to be a complete sugar addict.” She’s since gained a “whole new understanding about health and wellbeing and respect for my body”, and has even led her to consider a career in nutrition and food. Mad props! 

Tiggy’s biggest female idols are Teresa Cutter (The Healthy Chef blog), Emma Watson, her mum and friends. She finds it impossible to pick just one idol, because she is constantly trying to surround herself with people she looks up to. If social media crashed tomorrow, she’d honestly “feel it would be a blessing in disguise” because “we would all have a lot of time on our hands and would stop comparing ourselves to others”. Truth bombs. Her words to live by are “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, her last meal would be good homemade nachos (preach) and to her, cool is being relaxed stylish and fresh. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloé Hill 

Tiggy is represented by:
62 Models NZ
Chadwick Models AUSTRALIA
Models 1 LONDON

Shot on location at Albert Park in Auckland, New Zealand


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