Romance Was Born Transported Us To Paris At MBFWA


— May 20, 2018 —

We don’t even know where to begin re: Romance Was Born’s incredible MBFWA show this year, because we doubt there’s enough words in the English language to do it justice. I guess we’ll try… Cuties Anna and Luke transported everyone to Paris for the lush dinner affair, with a fancy duo playing jazz, heavenly drag queens increasing the vibes one hundred fold, and one of their most remarkable collection to date (partially done in collaboration with artist/friend Jenny Kee).  

Backstage, Peter Beard was transforming faces into artworks; models Kat Wu, Franny Cowap and Olympia were bringing the breathtaking dresses to life; and Maisie was a dead ringer for Princess Di (like seriously). 

Brb, booking a flight to Paris!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill


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