'Rainbow' Beauty


— June 4, 2018 —

Hello, and welcome to our first ever installment of Cool Pretty Cool beauty. Glad you could make it! 

For our first ever edition, we enlisted the help of makeup wizard Gillian Campbell to spin her magic on some of our favourite fresh new faces—sweethearts Loli, Penny, Gee Gee and Indigo. Aren’t they the cutest?

Turns out the best way to beat those winter blues is to go all Mr. Squiggle on your face with kawaii shapes, rainbows and blue freckles. Who knew! 

Feel the exact opposite of bored (and endlessly inspired) in the gallery above.

Images: Daniel Goode    Makeup: Gillian Campbell @ The Artist Group   Hair: Taylor James Redman    Words: Maddy Woon    Fashion: Chloe Hill
Photo Assistant: Nick Ryall    Makeup Assistant: Rosie Neyle

Gee Gee, Indigo, Loli & Penny are represented by Kult SYDNEY

Shot on location in Sydney, Australia


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