— March 29, 2017 —

Larissa is a disarmingly beautiful chiller from Brazil. She recently landed in London for the first time, and says she’s “absolutely in love with this place” and feeling very #blessed that she's able to develop her international career here. We hung out with her in Camden (her fave place in London) and Regent’s Park, and fell absolutely in love with her positive vibes and good energy. 

On growing up in Brazil, she says that “it wasn’t easy because there are a lot of social problems there, but even with my family being poor and the place that we lived was not good to educate a child, they were the best family I could ever have, they supported me in every single way, my sister too; great human beings. Despite some difficulties, I have always been very happy and very loved.” *Wipes away single, happy tear.* Other than the beaches and the fruits, the thing she misses most about Brazil is her family, “especially my mother, she is the best!” Awh. 

If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, she reckons it’d be all of the fruits (which puts our own answer of pizza right to shame!) She considers herself a spiritual, introspective person and likes to pay close attention to what happens inside her, and is also constantly thinking about the true meaning of happiness and life, and about vitality. See what we mean about good energy? If she gave up social media for a week, she’d survive but concedes that she’s “absolutely addicted” to it. Same here. 

The best advice she’s received comes from her angel mum, and it is that “as long as I do my best I can get whatever I want, but patience is essential because most of the time things won’t happen by the time I want.” Ah, mum’s are so wise. She hopes that in the next 10 years, we’ll be way more aware of the food that we eat, and that we’ll look to more sustainable ways of producing and eating food. She identifies as a feminist, and to her that means freedom and equality, which “has nothing to do with being against men or favouring women, it’s just about equality between all human beings.” To her, being ‘cool’ is “transmitting your personality through all aspects of your life, which includes: the way you dress, do your hair, the songs that you like, what you read, and therefore, through your attitude.” Little ripper!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Larissa is represented by:
Models 1 LONDON



Shot on location at Regent's Park and Camden Town in London


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