Jonathan Simkhai’s Resort Collection is The Sartorial Equivalent of a Sunset


— May 15, 2019 —

Jonathan Simkhai has got us floored. The LA-based, New York-scheduled designer hopped on that wretched flight from the states to Sydney for his first-ever MBFWA so that we may bask in the glory of his Resort ‘20 collection. What a guy! We’re mighty glad he did too, because that show was as spectacular as the sunset under which it all went down. Whistles.

Backstage at the iconic North Bondi surf club, we got busy capturing all the professionally beautiful people in front of portraits of old men. Bit cool! The runway, aka the Bondi beach boardwalk, appeared as a tribute to the sunset itself with dip-dyed dresses, golden hues, silk wrap tops, and cotton candy suits. 

The beaut models were sun-kissed to perfection in accordance with the golden hour theme of the presentation, and we were reminded once more of how lucky we are to call this sunburnt country home. 

Brb, off to reminisce with an aperol spritz in hand.


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill


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