Jeet Pavlovic


— March 30, 2017 —

Jeet Pavlovic is a certified good time. The salt of the earth babe got her start with POP Magazine — the coolest way to start out, ioho — after Stevie Dance found her through her agents ‘gram. She was fresh outta high school and flew to LA within that week, which in her words was “the best experience” and will “be my 4eva favourite trip.” Justifiably!

Among many other notable jobs, she’s also shot with Agent Provocateur, a “super cool” experience; and Par Femme, a site she digs because they have guts. She identifies as a feminist, believing in its basic ideologies while acknowledging how complex it is. For her it means, “Being able to express myself freely without the manipulation of what society deems as “feminine behaviour… It means that my abilities aren’t undermined because ‘I’m a girl’. Feminism to me means equality.” We asked her if she finds female relationships to be particularly important, and she kind of summed up exactly how we feel about it: “Female relationships to me are home. A feeling of love, security, understanding and acceptance :).”

On any given day you can cash her inside a yoga studio or eating a tonne of healthy food, because she sees wellbeing as “synergistic between mental and physical health”, and more simply because it makes her feel “goooooood.” She’s not 100% sure what she wants to be when she grows up — do any of us, really? — but some current frontrunners are: something to do with cooking and food, design/architecture or journalism. What is 100% certain is that whatever path she ends up choosing, she’s going to completely slay at it. 

“To know yourself and know your limits” is the most sage advice she’s ever been given, she would eat Dhal for the rest of her life if she had to pick just one meal ‘cause “lentils are the”, and while she doesn’t identify as a spiritual person she “definitely appreciates some Buddhist teachings and Humanist ideologies.” She hopes that within the next ten years “the world will work together to shift views that sanction race, gender, sex, human rights, freedom of speech etc.” 

To her, ‘cool’ means “being aware, [because] the more aware you are the less ignorant and more open you become… I also think independence and individuality is cool.” <3. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill   Assistant: Molly Richards

Jeet is represented by:
Priscillas SYDNEY

Shot on location in Elizabeth Bay, in Sydney, Australia


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