— May 21, 2019 —

Jasmine is a Brisbane-based bae (born and raised) who only started modelling this year. She was scouted at the Royal Queensland Show, “running from sideshow alley to the main arena tripping over my own feet”, and when the IMG scouting agents approached her to sign on with the agency, she initially thought they were asking for directions. LOL! In a classic display of quality over quantity, the newbie’s recent shoot with our beaut CPC photographer Ellen Virgona, in Sydney’s Dame Eadith Walker Estate, is a sight to behold. Fun fact: her mum was there on the day to helping out, holding reflectors and the like.  

In her words: “OMG! Shooting with Ellen was very chill and a great vibe. She was laid back and made the day so easy and fun. I loved the fact that she was using a film camera, this made the shoot a unique and different experience. Every look was amazing and different to what I would usually wear but my favourite look would have to be the Gucci dress as it was sooo spectacular and interesting with the extra fabric on the sleeves making it so much fun to wear and shoot.  I also felt very lucky to be able to wear the gorgeous Gucci tiara as well …. I hope I did it justice.” [Ed note: she did]!

 Outside of modelling, she goes to school, works at a café, hangs with her family or friends, or chills hard at the beach. In life, she’s most grateful for her family and friends and their support and encouragement of everything she does ❤. Her most treasured item of clothing is a vintage denim jacket that she picked up when she was on exchange in France, and loves it because “each time I put it on I can see myself in Paris aimlessly wandering the streets again.” J’adorable!
Get your notebook and a pen at the ready, because she’s about to dish out the best and most practical advice that was passed onto her by her Grandad: “Always take 10% out of everything you earn, no matter what, as it will accumulate quickly and be a wonderful investment in the long run.” According to her (and financially responsible people everywhere), his advice is proving to be correct. The first thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is “go back to sleep” (yesss), she refuses to choose her favourite meme as it’s “like choosing your favourite gelato flavour” in that “it cannot be done”, and if she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be Gnocco Fritto.

She doesn’t obsess over TV shows but her brother has been known to “force” her to watch Bachelor in Paradise, which she secretly enjoys but “let’s not tell him that.” Her fave book atm is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In 2019, she’s most excited for Christmas and being on the cover of Vogue (“LOL jokes, just putting it out there”). Cc: Anna Wintour. She hopes that in the next ten years, there’ll be consequences for “online trolls and keyboard warriors”, and the most interesting thing she’s learned recently is that it takes a team to make a beautiful photo. Her ideal day would look as follows: juice and brunch, then head to the beach with no time restrictions, then maybe pizza in Rome. Can’t argue with that.
She thinks female friendships are super important, because “the women in my family have very close relationships that has allowed me to learn about our family history and culture and the benefits of being close.” She considers herself an especially lucky gal, because there’s heaps of women in her family and they value and support each other. For her, ‘cool’ is anything that makes you uniquely ‘you’, and for her that’s her two different coloured eyes which she thinks is “pretty cool.” Us too!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Ellen Virgona    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Jasmine is represented by IMG 

Shot on location at Dame Edith Walker Estate, Sydney


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