Introducing 7 Fresh New Faces From Melbourne


— June 15, 2021 —

One of our favourite pastimes is meeting new people, something that has significantly slowed down thanks to the ongoing travel bans and lockdown-mandated social bubbles. It is with lots of enthusiasm then, that we introduce you to seven fresh new faces from Melbourne that we recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with—Yoly, Louise, Kashmira, Bade, Jasmine, Elizabeth, and Atong. 

Despite the title, it should go without saying that all these women are much more than their professionally good-looking visages. To go a little deeper, we sent them all a questionnaire full of very important and highly journalistic questions like ‘Who would play you in a film about your life?’

Come for the thoughtful answers, stay for the scribbles. 


Features Editor: Madeleine Woon   Photos: Yaseera Moosa   Fashion: Sarah Pritchard    Beauty: Xeneb Allen   Beauty Assistant: Tayla   Fashion Assistant: Will Stevens


Yoly, Louise, Kashmira, Bade, Jasmine Elizabeth & Atong are represented by People



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