Emma Boyd


— July 22, 2018 —

We recently found ourselves traipsing around Mittagong (photographer Kitty Callaghan’s hometown) with model Emma Boyd.

Various stops were made along the way, with the most memorable being an apple orchard in Yerringbool. While we had lots of time in the car from Sydney to get to know the Auckland-born model, we recently hit her up in NYC where she now lives to see what’s been going on in her slice of the world since that beaut sunny day, all the details of which are below… 

Emma was recently gifted her family’s old video camcorder, and has been “basically just messing around and hoping for the best” with it. So far, so good. Her favourite ever director is David Lynch, and her favourite films are Wild At Heart, Candy, Less Than Zero and V For Vendetta. Given this pool of inspiration, you can expect big things from the up-and-coming auteur ( ◡‿◡ *).

If her Instagram feed is anything to go by, she definitely seems to live her best life, however insists she has “both positive and negative views on the world now.” To her, female friendships are “the most important”, because “friendship is almost an unspoken mutual agreement—they’ve got you and you’ve got them.” Her style is a melange of 90s and white, blue and black, and when getting dressed of a morning, her general thought pattern is, “You’re good.” 

If someone was visiting NYC for the first time, she’d take them to “a place they’ll want to dip until [she] gets 3 drinks into them.” Intriguing. The fact that no day in the Big Apple is perfect is what makes it NYC in her mind.

Of all the things she most misses about New Zealand (a place where “there are more people than sheep”), tranquility, quiet and Feijoas take out top spot. 

The yung model has worked with a tonne of brands over the years, but Coach have been her favourite to collaborate with, because they are “the OGs.” Tru. Outside of modelling, she spends a lot of time in transit, and fittingly she was answering our quiz on one such trip (“hello, quarter life crisis!”). 

If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be “Blue crab dipped in melted butter—that shit blows my mind every time.” At the time of writing, she’s most curious in life about: “where the f*** this ride is taking me”, the answer of which is still TBC. Watch this space… 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Kitty Callaghan    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Emma Boyd is represented by:
Priscillas SYDNEY

Shot on location around Yerrinbool & Mittagong in NSW, Australia


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