— May 24, 2017 —

Hugest cutie Elizabeth was born in San Diego, in the United States of “AMURICA”. Growing up there was lit for four main reasons — the first being the ocean and all of its lessons, the second being liberalism and the generally accepting attitude of the native southern Californian, the third being the Mexican food, and last but not least, because so many sk8er bois live there. 

 The best advice she’s ever been given is now the best advice we’ve been ever given, and that is: “My advice to young women now is don’t listen to anybody’s advice.” She wouldn’t be rattled if she had to give up social media for a week “considering that my friends regularly scold me for my lack of technological communication and tell me to pay more attention to my phone.” The first thing she does when she wakes up is light a cig — “not recommended” — before connecting her speaker to her MacBook and blissin’ out to some ~wonderful~ music.
The lit human likes that our generation’s access to technology — and the subsequent onslaught of alternative information available at our fingertips — has made us “more accepting of other cultures/perspectives.” However, she hopes that within the next 10 years, we learn to not let such technology “diminish crucial values, such as work ethic and the importance of family and personal relationships, but instead continue to ignite our curiosity and evolution into a more peaceful and advanced society.” Basically, she doesn’t want us to live up to the older generation’s view of us being “lazy, entitled and self-absorbed.” Yeah, girl.  


To her, being a feminist means being “fully conscious of both male and female gender roles and then having the courage to defy them, while respecting others who do not.” It means “disengaging in the argument about which gender is superior and instead working together as individuals; it means not being passive when I hear others making sexist remarks as a woman; it means standing up for other woman when I see someone disrespecting them; it means not putting my self worth in a man’s opinion of me, or letting a boyfriend's will mould my identity into his idea of the ‘perfect wife’; and it means not under-estimating or doubting myself or other women.” Nail. On. The. Head.
The smart babe has come across some strong older women throughout her life and she “values these relationships so much because they gave me someone to look up to and seek guidance from.” She thinks female relationships (and friendships in general) are so important because “they come without the burden of expectation that a relationship with your significant other bares… people mostly become friends because they appreciate each others company, they aren’t trying to get anything out of each other.”
We think Elizabeth is a pretty cool gal.

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

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Shot on location at Hotel Auriga Milano, Italy


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