The Double Rainbouu Fittings Will Put A Smile On Your Dial


— May 14, 2018 —

MBFWA is well under way, meaning there’s a tonne of familiar faces cutting around Carriageworks in their FW best, and a bunch of emerging and established local designers begging to be introduced to our wardrobes STAT. In other words, welcome to the best time of the year! 

Of all the brands we’re excited to wear this season, the chill legends at Double Rainbouu are v high up there. We loitered around their fittings this week, eyeing off clothes that sit right at the intersection of fun, comfy and super swish. Our fave Sydney tour guide Raenee was there to give the clothes extra zest, alongside fresh new face Juay and honey babe Holly Magson, and lil’ hero Sarah Starkey was there to style them to perfection. 

Have a look for yourself in the above gallery—you’ll sure be glad you did!

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Daphne Nguyen


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