Carol Zhu


— December 26, 2017 —

Carol Zhu (known as Caz or Cazza to her mates) is an 18-year-old professionally good looking human/Aries from Sydney, Australia. While she loves “connecting with nature”, she’s really a city girl at heart who loves the “fast-paced nature of a bustling environment.” When she’s after a bit of inspiration or needs a little motivation to finish a task, Cazza will turn to Sia’s music. The Sound of Music also inspires her, because it routinely teaches her to make the best out of a situation, no matter how tough it is. 

The lil’ bae was recently in Paris for fashion week (“and what a week it was!”). While in the land of croissants and chic women, she attended multiple castings and fittings, caught up with friends she’d met on a previous trip to Paris, and made some new mates from around the globe. Most notably, she dabbled in her fair share of “absolutely delicious” baguettes and croissants. Très bien. 

Cazza’s favourite thing about growing up has been “the independence and unforgettable learning experience that comes along with that.” She went from being a regular highschool student to international model almost overnight, and never thought she’d be able to travel to the other side of the world and go through the journey of adulthood so quickly. She also enjoys the ability to make her own choices, regardless of whether they are the best or worst, as they’re helping to shape her as a person. So mature! Her least loved thing about getting older is the responsibilities and pressure that comes with being a young adult. As someone who is entering this stage of their lives in 2017, she loves how technology has developed to assist our lives. Tru. 

She’s super proud of our generation because of how inclusive we are, and how much we’re always evolving: “It’s becoming more and more accepted for everyone to voice their opinions and express their views, whether that be creatively or [in regards to] personal values.” And what we need to work on?

“Even though I can see more change being enforced with regards to reducing waste… it’s still shocking to see how many paper and plastic cups end up in landfills everyday… I think this is something our generation could work on.”

Outside of modelling, she loves fitness and playing the piano. Even though she reckons she’s not so great at it yet, she finds playing the piano to be super therapeutic and emotional. She also loves to grab a cuppa with friends, or go for a swim at the beach. Word! If she could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of her life, it’d definitely be classical. She grew up on it, plays it on the piano, dances to it in ballet, and finds it relaxes and motivates her out of a rut. If she could time travel, she’d go back and see her grandmother again, who she says was such an “amazing human and role model who inspired me to pursue my dreams, everyday.”

The angelic human is happiest when she’s surrounded by friends and family. For her, the word ‘cool’ can define both one’s personal style and their interests, whereas she always “admires an individual’s values and morals.” Yes! 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images & Fashion: Chloe Hill

Carol is represented by IMG SYDNEY

Shot on location in Paris, France


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