A Hot Minute With: Carla Pereira in Sydney


— September 15, 2019 —

Carla is a portugese model/ray of sunshine with a big heart and a sweet outlook on life. Originally from a town in the south of Portugal called Seixal, she recently spent a few months in Sydney where she fell head-over-heels with the city and its inhabitants. 

While she was in town, we got her hot travel tips on both Sydney and Portugal, and spoke with her about creativity, the soothing effects of nature, and what makes her tick. Read all about that below, then have a squiz at the magic that arises when the portugese angel stands in front of our pal Ella Jane's camera! 

Can you give us the Carla elevator pitch? 

I’m a 19-year-old Portuguese model who has been modeling for almost four years now. I tried to find work that mixed my three biggest passions in life: travel, fashion, and the joy of experiencing new cultures. Modelling is the perfect combination of all three. 

Eu sou uma modelo portuguesa, que tem deu início à sua carreira há quase 4 anis atrás. Eu esforcei-me em encontrar algo que completasse a minha enorme paixão por viagens, o prazer de descobrir novas culturas, com a moda. A perfeita combinação.

So you were in town for a couple of months! What was your first impression of Sydney?

Sydney is definitely the best city I’ve ever been to. I was initially pretty scared to move to another part of the world for two months, leaving all my loved ones, and being so far from home not knowing anyone. For someone who has come from Lisbon, Sydney is completely different, but that’s what makes it so special. Everyone in Australia is super nice, helpful, and they make you feel at home.

Sidney é definitivamente a melhor cidade em que já estive. Inicialmente, eu estava bastante receosa com o facto de me mudar para a outra parte do mundo, por um período de 2 meses, deixando assim toda a gente para trás, e sem conhecer ninguém aqui. Para alguém que veio de Lisboa, Sidney é completamente diferente, mas foi isso é que tornou a cidade ainda mais especial. Toda a gente na Austrália é super querida, pronta a ajudar e fez-me realmente sentir que estava em casa.

How has that changed since being here for a little while?

I always had a good impression. However, living like a Australian just made me fall in love with every single part of being here even more. 

Where have been your favourite places so far to: 

Eat… Tramsheds.

Shop… In the center and around Surry Hills, where there’s lots of vintage shops.
No centro da cidade, e por volta de Surry Hills, à procura de lojas vintage.

Dance… Circular Quay.

Wander around aimlessly… Manly.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Travel. There’s nothing better than travelling to a place and getting to know something that you’re not used to.

Viajar. Não há nada melhor que viajar e ter a chance de conhecer coisas que não estamos habituados.

How do you unwind?

I try to create a space without any technology that evokes a feeling of relaxation and peace. I like to take a walk outdoors and focus on the smallest things in nature. Sometimes, I’ll even write down things that may help me relax.

Eu tento criar um espaço que contenha um sentimento de relaxamento e paz, sem qualquer tipo de tecnologia; andar por aí fora e focar-me em pequenos detalhes da natureza, e por vezes até escrever.

When are you happiest in life?

When I’m with my loved ones.

Quando estou com os que mais gosto.

When do you feel most creative?

It might sound weird, but when I’m about to fall asleep. The feeling of falling asleep helps me figure out a lot of things, and it challenges my creativity. 

Pode soar estranho, mas quando estou quase a adormecer. O sentimento de estar quase a adormecer, ajuda-me a descodificar diversas coisas e a desafiar a minha criatividade.

What songs are on high rotation for you at the moment?

‘Hair Down’ by SiR and Kendrick Lamar.

Whereabouts in Portugal are you from? Where would you take someone visiting for the first time?

I’m from Seixal in the South of Portugal. I would take them to one of the best things about my hometown, Arrábida, and the piece of heaven that you can find around there. 

Eu sou do Seixal, sul de Portugal. Para primeira vez, levaria a um dos melhores sítios da minha zona, Arrábida.

Three reasons we should visit Portugal?

There’s dozens of reasons of why you should visit Portugal! You’ll find Europe’s best climate, delicious food (like the well known pastries, Pastéis de Nata), a lot of castles to visit, beaches… And, one of the most important reasons, because everything is so cheap. You can really save money in Portugal.

Há dezenas de razões para visitar Portugal. Melhor clima da Europa, comida deliciosa, tais como os nossos muito conhecidos Pastéis de Nata, imensos castelos para visitar, praias… E uma das coisas mais importantes, é tudo muito barato. Podem realmente poupar dinheiro em Portugal.

Best beach in Portugal is… Portinho da Arrábida e Praia da Figueirinha.

Best place to eat, drink and shop in Portugal… Baixa Chiado e Avenida da Liberdade.

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Ella Jane     Fashion: Chloe Hill     Hair: Kyye using Oribe

Carla is represented by IMG

Shot on location in Newtown, Sydney


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