A Hot Minute With: Vince In London


— December 22, 2019 —

Vincent Lawrence O’Malley (see also: Vinny Boy, VDogs, Vincenzo) is a model, drum enthusiast and self-identifying long-haired dude from Sydney. He moved to London over a year ago for work, stayed for love, and has been busy carving out a life for himself there since. 

Despite being a small fish in a big pond, he sure has made the most of his time in The Big Smoke. From meeting Victoria Beckham and winding up at squat raves, to befriending English families in pursuit of an authentic Sunday roast. 
Get to know him better below, then peep our shoot with him in the gallery above! 

Name: Vincent Lawrence O'Malley
Nickname: Vinny boy. Vdogs. Vincenzo. 
Star Sign: Cancer

Can you give us the Vinc elevator pitch?
I’m a long-haired dude from the Inner West of Sydney who stays inside alot and only wants to play drums. I've been told that my vibe is halfway between shaggy from Scooby Doo and Seth Rogan, and I think that's okay. 
How did you get into drumming? 
I can’t remember exactly how but I’ve always had musical instruments in my life as my Dad was a musician. I think I got my first kit when I was six or seven. 
Best drum solos in musical history? 
I honestly think drum solos are as boring as everyone else does. There is a good quick one in a song called Bodhisattva by Steely Dan. Other than that, I really can’t think of any. I’m more into my tight chops, ya feel? 
Where are you from and how long have you been in London?
I’m from around Newtown in Sydney. I’ve been living in London pushing on a year and a half. 
Why did you decide to move? 
I came to London originally for Fashion Week but stayed because of a girl. 
What’s been the most challenging thing about modelling in London? And, about life in general?
Well, compared to Sydney, I’m a smaller fish in a bigger pond here. It’s a very rush, rush city, but I’ve travelled to a lot of busy places, so I’m more or less desensitised to it. It’s great having everything you need in a city at your fingertips. 
What do you miss most about home?
Australian beer!!! I miss small details like my cat and my local bowlo, too. 
What’s the craziest thing to happen to you since you’ve been there?
That’s a hard thing to say. It seems like each week something tops the last crazy thing that has happened. Falling in love. Falling out of love. Meeting Victoria Beckham. Going to illegal squat raves. I can’t put my finger on it.
London is a fast-paced city. How do you unwind?
I play drums and guitar and smoke a lot of weed. 
What has been your favourite neighbourhood to explore so far?
It changes every few months. Hackney is my current hangout spot. 

Best place in London for…

Coffee: Good coffee doesn’t exist in London.
Cheap eats: PIZZA UNION! 
Treat yo’ self dins: Cecchetis in Piccadilly Circus. Italian tapas. 
Dancing: You’ve gotta find a squat rave, which takes connections. Going out without an event and a ticket will end in a boring night.
People watching: Anywhere in Central London with a balcony. 
Shopping: IDK, I’m basic, I just go to Primark.
Sunday roast: Find a nice English family. Charm them. Invite yourself around on Sunday :). 


Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Daphne Nguyen    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Vince is represented by: 
Premier LONDON

Shot on location in New Cross, London


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