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— August 9, 2020 —

Everyone seems to be about bridging our past with our future these days. Finding highlights in our history books and shaping them into something bolder has become de rigueur in the industry. And it makes sense—during this strange ol’ chapter of uncertainty, creating beautiful pieces that capture our complexity over time feels especially necessary. Enter the 8 Moncler Richard Quinn Winter/Fall Collection. When it comes to fashion, there’s not much else in the world that we like more than a good collab, and this one is particularly joy-inducing. Using innovative fabrics and super elegant 60s and 70s-inspired prints, Richard’s second collection with Moncler had all the boldness and fun that we’ve come to expect from the designer over the years. With flower power prints and oversized pieces made to mix and match, Richard truly captures the fluidity of the modern-day flower child. 

“I wanted to create a 60s meets space age dynamic, a transition from the past to the future in my signature prints that match and clash, with strong headpieces for a vibrant idea of total luxe,” Richard has said of the inspiration. 

Model Sophie Wilde and a sparkly team of CPC contribs recently brought his brilliant vision to life on a sunny rooftop in Sydney. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make it through the above gallery without jumping out of your chair and letting the spirit of the peace and love era take over ✌️🌸. Once you’ve regained composure (no rush), get to know Sophie below, where we chat about the importance of representation and active listening, among other things. 

What would you say to your 16 year old self? 
Don’t stress as much. Follow your intuition. 

What’s been the most rewarding part of your work? 
Representation is something that’s really important to me. Knowing that my part in a performative space can contribute to that has always been a part of why I do it. Particularly in Australia, growing up I never saw people who looked like me and the impacts of that on a young person are pretty significant. I want kids to see themselves represented in a multitude of facets. At drama school I focused a lot on performance making. I think being able to not only perform but create diverse stories is so powerful. I’ve seen works made by POC and felt myself live and breathe in them unlike anything else. That’s pretty rewarding. 

And, the most challenging?
I can be very self-critical and have stupidly high expectations of myself. I’ve had to train myself to let go of a lot of that. When I get into a mindset like that it’s easy to lose sight of the playfulness and passion that brought you there in the first place. 

Can you recall watching, reading or listening to something that completely changed your mind on something? 
I think I’ve certainly been enlightened or had my world view expanded through consuming a range of stimuli. But in terms of having my mind changed completely, that’s often been through real life conversations with people. Hearing a range of differing opinions and experiences and being receptive enough to listen and absorb them in an empathetic way is so important. Particularly when we’ve been conditioned to believe something is a truism. 


Feature: Lofa Totua     Photos & Fashion: Imogen Wilson

Sophie is represented by Stone Street Agency


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