Sian Henderson


— September 3, 2017 —

Sian loves change, and just made the spontaneous call to move her life from Auckland to Sydney with her boyfriend Dillon. After receiving a text from their mates telling them to move with them, they decided on the spot that it was time to mix shit up. After doing the hard slog of looking for a rental in Sydney, they ended up at Bridgette’s Kitchen in Bondi; a “great, quirky home above a cafe, with amazing people who have brought so many adventures into our lives in Bondi.” 

To her, Sydney feels like a big version of Auckland, both with their grimey CBDs, and amazing, treasure-filled pockets. She can’t wrap her head around how common face injections are here, though — “it’s like buying a t-shirt, [and] that shocked and saddened me.” Her ~average day~ is forever changing, but some consistencies are: venturing around the city for castings and shoots, utilising time on public transport researching an area of interest, trying not to get sucked into the social media vortex, and filling her nights with whatever creative endeavour her and Dillon are vibing at the time, or disappearing into a doco.

She’s a classic Taurus, both in terms of her stubbornness and fondness for sleeping in. She loves fairytales from her childhood, like The Wolf & The Seven Little Goats, her all-time favourite song is ‘Second Hand Store’ by Adi Dick, a New Zealand band, and her go-to flick is Lords of Dogtown. If she was a fictional character, she’d be Rapunzel from Tangled, because “she can look after herself, but is also whimsical and fun.” When she gets dressed in the morning, she considers her mood and reflects it through the clothing she wears, making her super comfortable and open to the day. While it was a “hard choice”, she felt her most fab in the Lacoste bright print dress on our shoot (picture above), because she loves feeling comfortable and free in what she’s wearing. 

Sian recognises that women are incredible and powerful in their own right. She believes that “being able to connect with other females about our bodies and sexuality is a form of support, and keeps us grounded.” And thinks it’s especially essential while we’re navigating those awkward, confusing years of puberty. Amen! If she could resurrect any bygone values it would be home-remedies, especially for things like colds and flus, because “big profit pharmaceuticals don’t encourage the body to work through the sickness and strengthen for it.” 

To Sian, being ‘cool’ is being relaxed and in your zone. To be comfortable with who you are, and open to others and the spontaneity of life, is to be a real trooper. 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Hannah Roche   Fashion: Miguel Urbina Tan

Sian is represented by:
Priscillas SYDNEY

Shot on location around Mosman in Sydney, Australia


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