— March 21, 2017 —

Sarah is a cool babe from Denmark who recently visited Australia for the first time, where she fell in love with Sydney fast because of our litany of healthy cafes, beaches and nature. She also picked up such cliched Aussie idioms as “G’Day mate” and “Take it easy, man!” while in town. SMDH, Australia. 

She considers herself a spiritual person, and thinks the best advice she’s ever been given is that “you can only find true happiness from within yourself and not from other people or material things.” If she had to give up social media for a week, she reckons she’d feel like she had 5 more hours in the day, although her connection to the outside world would be severed because she only communicates through facebook messenger. Truth. 

If she could only eat one meal for the rest of time it’d be pizza. And if she could only listen to one genre it’d be pop music, on the basis that it makes her happy, and, try as she might to like rap music to be “super cool”, she finds it “too aggressive.” In the event she could write her 15-year-old self a letter, it’d simply read: “Dear Sarah, be prepared, your life will change a lot in the next few years!” Tight.  

To her, cool — outside of being a word you can use in place of ‘yes’ or ‘awesome’ — is an attitude. Cool is “being confident in yourself and a little bit different than everyone else.” 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

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Shot on location around Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia


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