Sarah Boursin


— August 28, 2017 —

Sarah was born in Brittany in the North West of France, and now lives in Paris. Her favourite thing about her birth town is the landscapes, and the simplicity of the people. If you were in town, she’d take you to a local restaurant first “of course, because food is everything.” Amen! She grew up with the “huge sensibility of my parents; a lot of values and simplicity”, and feels her world view has been shaped most acutely by her own experiences. Her family and close friends are the most important thing in her life.

An island called Bréhat in Brittany takes out first spot on her ‘Most Beautiful Place In The World’ list, because “it’s a special place, there are no cars, just a little market and amazing landscapes; time just stops down there.” She doesn’t need much to be happy. Friends, family, good wine, good food, beautiful places, or just being alone and drawing is enough to fill her with the warm fuzzies. She values love, honesty and simplicity most in a friend, and sees female friendships as highly essential because they are “particularly intimate and reassuring.” When it comes to social issues, she’s particularly touched by the fight for equality between men and women, and the protection of women in our society. 

“As a woman, I know how everyday we have to suffer oppressive misogyny. There is a lot to do, too many unacceptable things happened everyday. We must remembered that 65 years ago, and that’s nothing, women only gained the right to manage their own property, and money, and to practice a profession without the agreement of their husband.” 

She looks up to her mum the most in life, because she is the strongest, and is currently dressing as she feels. We asked her to teach us some french, and she came back with the saying “je ne veux pas travailler”, because it is both her actual mood, and a song that she loves from french singer, Edith Piaf. It means, simply, “I do not want to work.” *Relatable content.*

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Hannah Roche    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Sarah is represented by:
Supreme PARIS


Shot on location around République Station in Paris, France


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