Samuel Barrie


— December 3, 2018 —

Sweetheart Samuel Barrie is originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, but moved across to Sydney when he was four (“I’d say I’m more from here [though], because at this point I’ve practically assimilated”).

He loves taking himself on culinary excursions around his neighbourhood, and while his highlights reel is constantly changing, his top three food spots in Auburn at the moment are: Thai Garden (“for some good Thai food”), N Star (“for some good kebabs and Halal snack packs”), and his house (“because we are out here eating for our best lives”). 

His childhood was interesting “to say the least”, but it opened his eyes to the value of people and possessions in the world. “I see the world as ever-changing,” he says of the way his upbringing has impacted his worldview. “You can either rebel and shut it down, ride the wave and assimilate, or create to ripple and alter the state of thought.”

On the subject of creating mind-altering art, he’s currently working on a new album called ‘The Death of a Horseman’—a visual album replete with a video for every song—which explores the seven stages of grief that comes with exiting a relationship. Keep your eyes and ears peeled (“not literally, that just sounds painful, honestly”) for its release next year. 

The most important thing to Sam in life is living itself, because without it, he wouldn’t be able to experience the trials and beauty of life. “I’m here now, so I’m gonna give it my all when I can… potentially,” he continues. He can’t point to any one time where he’s the most content in life, and instead sees it as being multi-layered—it depends on what he’s accomplished; be that finishing a good meal, taking a break from a long week, or finishing a song. He’s most satisfied in moments such as the above, because they’re ever-changing and not absolute. 
The entertainer, model and artist is constantly on the go, but likes to unwind by playing video games or watching TV shows and anime, depending on what he’s feeling at the time. He also loves to adventure, read and write random things that pop into his head. Unwinding for him is ultimately just having the freedom to do as he pleases according to his own time limit. While he would never ask anyone for anything he doesn’t already possess within himself, the two things that he values most highly in people are humour (“because I love to laugh and have the wildest comedic imagination that I need to express”), and expressive communication (“because it’s very necessary in building a foundation in any form of relationship”). 


In general, 2018 has been a great year for Sam, in terms of growth, development and advancement. And more specifically? “I’d say finishing up my album would be the biggest highlight, because it has been a long time coming,” he says. “My sister's 16th birthday bash would be another highlight of the year—I barely recognised her, she had this glow to her that brought joyful tears to my eyes constantly. Purchasing my cinema camera was another achievement, because it was one that I’ve been in love with for the longest time, and I now have it in my arsenal when I want to create content.” 

The thing that excites Sam most about being a young person living in 2018 is the plethora of information at our fingertips, and the way this generation are using that to their advantage. “There’s so many more young entrepreneurs that are succeeding in various field of work and creating new lanes that weren’t possible before due to the advancement of technology and culture,” he says. And the hardest thing? “There’s so many options, distractions, and things to do, so it can be harder to stay committed to one thing due to how accessible everything can be today.”

He’s most proud of how progressive our generation is, and especially the increased acceptance of different people and beliefs which makes it easier for people to be themselves. Outside of modelling, he mostly creates, learns and naps (feel u). While he waits for more opportunities, he tries his best to create his own. His thought process when getting dressed of a morning is to not overthink it—he tries to pick out clothes that matches how he’s trying to represent himself on any given day, depending on how he feels or where he’s going. Alternatively, if he’s in a rush, he’ll just grab the first thing he can find and hopes for the best. It’s A Vibe by 2 Chainz has been burning holes in his speakers of late (“I’ve been really feeling the wave… probably the season”), and perhaps not so coincidentally, the word he’s been overusing at the moment is ‘vibe’ (“I use that word so much I only realise post-conversation how much I’ve actually been using it”). 
To Sam, ‘cool’ is pretty much just a state of temperature that’s fairly low. “I think ‘cool’ isn’t something to overthink,” he explains. “Just being yourself with confidence and pushing for your goals without being scared away by the attention it draws you is cool, in my opinion. I barely use the word—it just is what it is.”

Get to know him better on IGTV here!


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Michael Brunt
Film: Gemma De Maria    Fashion: Miguel Urbina Tan

Samuel is represented by Chic AUSTRALIA

Shot on location in Auburn, Sydney


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