Sam Swan


— July 26, 2017 —

Sam Swan is a drop-dead stunner who hails from Chelsea, Manhattan. She recently popped over to London, and said the “street style there is unlike anything else in any other city; there’s so much history, tradition and culture behind the fashion in London.” Tru. The most important things to her in life are self-love, self-acceptance and staying real, which are all really real sentiments, IOHO. 

She’s proud of our generation because we are the “most open-minded and accepting generation thus far”, and work hard to “erase racial, gender and sexual preference controversies and [she] thinks that’s really cool.” She’s not 100% on what we need to work on, but she personally wishes that our gen didn’t place such an importance on social media, or value it as much as some/most do. We concur! 

Her favourite model from history is Linda Evangelista, because “she’s so interesting to look at and just has that 90s ‘go with the flow’ super model vibe.” The lil’ bae likes to surround herself with genuinely kind, honest and reliable people, and after a long day, she likes to cook herself a good meal, watch some TV, and just generally be a potato at home. Delicious! Her favourite movies list is near infinite, but she watched The Green Mile recently, and said it was amazing [Ed note: she’s not wrong!]. In the next 10 years, she hopes to make “an established name for [herself] in the industry as a model, and eventually follow [her] dream to be a creative director for multiple fashion houses. Watch this space!

She considers herself an incredibly spiritual person, and is always trying to feel and understand the energy around herself and how it’s affecting her. To her, the earth is “full of energy — negative and positive — and [she] thinks it’s up to us to sift through it for our mental and physical health.” Her mum always taught her to comfortable and confident with who she is, no matter what, and to be “grateful for the world around [her].” She always tries to remember that — to live “lightly, confidently and in gratitude.” <3. 

Sam identifies as an equalist, not a feminist, saying that we should all just be equal — no “one or the other” stance. To her, being ‘cool’ just means “doing whatever you want for yourself, ideally with no second guesses.” She thinks the “opposite of cool is succumbing to a social norm or what is considered socially acceptable, if that’s not how you already feel.” Ultimately, being cool to her, is “staying true to yourself.” Legend alert! 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill    Assistant: Ryan Cullen

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Shot on location at St. Katharine Docks, London


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