NYE Kicks Off in 3, 2, 1…


— December 19, 2019 —

It recently came to our attention that the streets of Sydney could do with a healthy dollop of party-approved dresses (just in time for New Year's Eve festivities). We took matters into our own hands, as any good citizens should, dressing four professionally good looking humans up in the most fab-u-lous dresses known to woman. 

The brief? Extremely glam yet wearable outfits. The result: India made our souls glow in a Romance was Born lace dress, Ajiér did Prada justice from her head to her toes, Flavia became the human disco ball she was always destined to be in a silver Attico dress, and Liliya proved that stomping is infinitely more fun when your body is ensconced within swathes of ultra-feminine, flouncy white cotton care of Cecilie Bahnsen.

Party szn is hereby activated, friends! Throw Grace Jones’ ‘Party Girl’ on the speakers, grab an hors d’oeuvre and let’s all celebrate together in the gallery above. 

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Ella Jane     Fashion: Grace O'Neill

Ajiér is represented by Priscillas
India and Liliya are represented by Chic

Flavia is represented by Kult

Shot on location in Sydney Australia


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