Matteau’s MBFWA Show is a Vaccay For Your Eyeballs


— May 14, 2019 —

Holy smokes, you guys! Everyone’s favourite Aussie swimwear label Matteau just made their triumphant entrance into the MBFWA circuit with their Resort ‘20 collection, and it’s making us want to flick our OOO on forever in pursuit of the endless vaccay lyfe. 

As has always been the way with their simple and très sophistiqué swimsuits, the brief for the new resort collection seemed to be ‘effortless’ and ‘elegant’ and they pulled it off with aplomb. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to picture yourself lounging by an infinity pool in any number of the fab pieces, aperol spritz in one hand, oyster in the other. There was sleek suiting, the perf breezy summer dresses, TDF swimsuits and super adorbs florals. The genius of the collection lies in the detailing and the colour palette, though—earthy tones, billowing sleeves, and the perf amount of cinching and draping silhouettes to see you through happy hour. 

The presentation itself was a celebration of all types of women, and a promising sign that the definition of beauty is (thankfully and finally) evolving. OG Matteau girl Phoebe Tonkin was joined by all manner of cute beach babes, including CPC stunners Shimma and Penny (the first ever show for the latter!). If you’re wondering why their skin looks so damn dewy, it’s a combination of a) great genes and b) the skin angels at Dermalogica, and Tiffany & Co. can be credited for the final shiny flourishes. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a lot of euro summer-themed daydreaming courtesy of the above gallery. Ciao!

Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill


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