Maisie And Kizzie’s Ultimate Guide To Paris


— August 25, 2018 —

Kiwi cutie Kizzie and Aussie angel Maisie were recently in Paris for Couture fashion week. While there, they made: precious memories, this side of the world extremely proud by collectively walking in Dior, Valentino and Giorigo Armani, and now, the most amazing travel guides to Paris you ever did see. 

Melodie Jeng and her magical camera skills were on hand to take happy snaps of the lil’ snow peas touristing it up on the Champs-Élysées and in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Cop the cuteness above, and then get to know them better below—if you ever find yourself in Paris, get ready to copy and paste all their hot tips below (including, but not limited to, many chocolate-covered rice cracker shout outs). 


Congrats on walking for Giorigo Armani! What was that experience like?
The whole experience was so surreal! I kept my hopes for booking the show low as there were so many other models at the castings and fittings, so I was shocked when my agent called me up and said I'd booked the job! Giorgio was very involved with the show’s whole process, from selecting girls at the castings to fixing the models' hair himself. It was amazing to work with a legend!

What is your favourite thing about Paris? 
Being in Paris feels like nowhere else. It's a pretty impressive feat, managing to preserve the culture and vibe of a city whilst also being one of the biggest travel destinations in the world. Stepping off the Eurostar from London is always a massive rush of new energy and a breath of fresh air.

Can you list your three top favourite places in Paris to eat, shop and drink, and why are they your favourite?
Oh my god, my favourite place to eat—that's such a hard one! For me, it's a toss up between the pâtisserie Blé Sucré and the boulangerie Poilâne. I love sweet food, but Blé Sucré make the most heavenly sandwiches I've ever had. Go to Blé Sucré and get the goat's cheese and rocket baguette! For dessert you have to go to Poilâne for their incredible flaky, tender apple tarts that are perfectly balanced in every way. When it comes to shopping, I always stock up on French skincare at the Parisian Pharmacies. The Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a cult favourite moisturiser for a reason! Wash down all the good food and cool off from shopping with a frozen slushy at the carnival in Tuileries Garden.

Where are the best “tourist attractions” you’d recommend for someone visiting Paris for the first time?
Sacré Coeur is worth the trek out of Paris' city centre for sure. There's plenty of small shops and restaurants to check out, but the famous view is even better. Go during sunrise or sunset on a clear day and have some time to breathe and reflect. It's also a pretty romantic spot if you go there on a quieter weekday.

And, something to do that’s a little more off-the-beaten track? 
There are amazing food markets everywhere in Paris. Don't worry about the most frequented ones, just look up where the closest markets are to where you're staying and explore! They have the best deals on fresh produce, and are often stocked with super seasonal ingredients that supermarkets won't bother stocking, as well as great street food. 

What was the best thing to happen to you while you were there? 
I had a lot of friends passing through Paris recently and meeting up with them felt really special (this includes you, Chloe)! The best memories are the ones shared with others, and I'm lucky to have had some really fun experiences made a million times better because I've spent them with people I care about. 

What did you miss most about home while there?
I miss my family, and the mountains I grew up in more than anything. I get to call my Dad very often, who always manages to uplift me when the reality of living overseas gets intense. Living away from home can have its challenges, but it also brings out a level of independence and adaptability that only jumping into the deep end will draw from you. We've all got to be a little homesick at some point—it helps us to grow and carve our own place to call home!


What was walking in Valentino and Dior like?
Almost as amazing as when I first tried chocolate covered rice crackers *drools*... But, continuing on… TBH, a week before the shows I wasn’t even certain that I’d be going to Paris, so to book those two shows was very surreal! I mean, Dior is THE French fashion house and Valentino is famous for its extravagant couture pieces. What made it so great was that the teams at both shows were such darlings. Everything went super smoothly and the energy backstage was incredible.

What is your favourite thing about Paris?
Apart from chocolate coated rice crackers and soy yogurt? Hmmm… Well, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty grimy city, but what I like is the contrast between that grittiness and the beautiful architecture and history held in the walls, streets and parks of Paris. You’ll be walking down the streets and alleyways and see new pop art mosaics or find hidden parks. The city feels like a museum in itself. It’s a real ‘diamond in the rough’ situation.

Can you list your three top favourite places in Paris to eat, shop and drink, and why are they your favourite?
To eat: the grocery store. Those choc covered rice crackers never make it out of there alive! Buuut if that’s not your cup ‘o’ tea, Bob’s Kitchen is worth the visit. When I was in Paris for the month of February I would eat there all the time—nothing better than coming into a cozy eatery from the freezing cold and sitting down to tuck in to their famous veggie stew (rice, baked veg and curry sauce 🤤). Their pancakes are pretty bomb too. And almost everything can be made vegan :). 

To drink: are we talking coffee? Because Starbucks is banging! And there’s a discount when you bring your own cup! As for the bar scene, home is always a favourite. Cold wine, chocolate rice cakes, a Parisian balcony with close friends... that definitely trumps a loud, overpriced bar where the staff are less than pleasant. And plus, once you’re done at home you only gotta walk a few steps and you’re in bed. Perfection👌🏻.

And shopping: If it sells choc covered rice cakes I’m there! As for the retail side, I’ll be blunt—I hate shopping. But in saying that, I always seem to have time to peruse a few vintage stores. Try to hit up Happy Market or Mad Vintage, but Paris has so many vintage gems you really can’t go wrong wherever you are. (And an added bonus is that vintage is usually cheaper and better for the environment than regular retail stores. So let them euros fly💸)

Where are the best “tourist attractions” you’d recommend for someone visiting Paris for the first time?
I’d say that if you’re looking for an interesting day trip then the medieval palace, Château de Fontainebleau, is a must. It’s a train ride outside of Paris and you can easily make a day of it, exploring the apartments of Napoleon and the surrounding gardens and village. Dw, they have choc covered rice cakes there too!

And, something to do that’s a little more off-the-beaten track?
Look down. What’s on your feet? Boots? I hear they were made for walking, so get to it! Walking is a wonderful thing (also very budget friendly) and it’s the only true way you can find hidden gems like cute bars and cafes and really experience Paris. There are also pop art mosaics dotted all around Paris which are always fun to discover (Star Wars fans keep your eyes peeled for Chewbacca and Princess Leia). And maybe as you’re walking you stop to pick up some chocolate coated rice cakes... Maybe. Just a thought😉

What was the best thing to happen to you while you were there?
Finding out about chocolate coated rice crackers of course!

What did you miss most about home while there?
My doggos! It’s so tough to be away from my lil’ corgis. Every time I saw a pup I thought of them. Can’t wait till I see their beautiful faces again 😻💖🐕. 


Words: Maddy Woon    Photos: Melodie Jeng    Fashion: Chloe Hill

Maisie is represented by Kult AUSTRALIA
Kizzie is represented by Chic AUSTRALIA & 62 Models NZ

Shot on location in Paris, France


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