Madhulika Sharma

New York

— April 25, 2018 —

Madhulika is a model/student from the hills in the Northeastern part of India. She recently made the move to Delhi for University, where she’s now heading into her last year, majoring in political science, and minoring in economics. Her childhood was characterised by lush greenery, books, music and a family of “fun-loving individuals.” This upbringing taught her to enjoy the little moments in life, and to not take herself too seriously. Something she did always take seriously, however, was learning and studying.

“I grew up in India and encountered social and economic disparity firsthand,” she explains. “I just want to be able to help those in need.” Angel. 

The coolest thing she’s learned recently is that a ‘norm entrepreneur’ is someone who's “interested in changing social norms and if s/he has enough support, they can lead a norm bandwagon or a norm cascade.” In her mind, it sounds like such a powerful job, to which we’d agree! She recently made the foray into modelling at NYFW with a bunch of castings and some cool shows, but is really excited to sink her teeth into her first show season v soon. Watch this space! She fell into modelling by accident and had never really set out to become one. She loves meeting new people, travelling and learning more about herself and everything around her, which makes it the perfect profession for the cutie. As a member of the Model Alliance, she firmly believes that the one thing that needs to imminently change in the industry is having young girls and boys enter modelling completely unaware of their rights. Amen. 

Outside of modelling, the divine human also happens to be a very talented pianist. When she was little, her Mum put her in a bunch of activities, but she stuck to playing the piano and eventually got a diploma in classical music. 

“Although I love contemporary music, playing classical music taught me discipline,” she says. “I practiced after school and before school, would practice fingers movements on my school desk and on the bus ride back home. There were so many times when I would start with pieces of some of the tougher musicians (Chopin, Bach, Debussy et al who are also my favourites) and wanted to quit after playing a few bars but it was ingrained in most of us by the time we were 11 or 12 the truth about being great is that greatness doesn't happen in a week or a month. One of my teachers would call me ‘Hurricane Katrina’ because I was a very motto allegro kinda gal.” Coolest person ever? Seems like it! 

She’s most amped on being a young person living in 2018 because she feels there’s been “a huge continuum of change that started this year” and is sure that “very soon 'labels' will die down and we can all just be whoever we choose to identify with.” Yes!

Her thought pattern when getting dressed in the morning is to be comfy whilst rocking her usual sense of style, which ICYMI, is ‘gangster granny’. In her spare time, she loves to cook, swim and volunteer at local charities, and currently can’t stop saying ‘MAJOR’ and ‘kya baat’, which is “like a ‘wow, what news!’ kind of a remark in Hindi.”

Madhulika usually seeks happiness in everything she does, but is particularly joyful when she has good food, or when she sees other people experience their purest moments of joy, like her idol Oprah does. Dreamboat. She’s been watching the video for ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake everyday since it came out, and it makes her cry ever tiem. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it’d be dumplings (bought not made), and to her cool is “just being yourself without the fear of judgement.” 

‘Twas an absolute pleasure, Madhulika! 


Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Jack Grayson    Fashion: Ilkin Kurt

Mahulika is represented by:
Muse NYC

Shot on location in New York


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