Photo Diary: Juno Jung's Highlights Reel of Sydney


β€” July 8, 2021 β€”

Today is a great day in the land of CPC, for it’s the day we introduce you to model Juno and his photographic prowess. Those of you in Auckland will likely already know him from his A+ work with Stolen Girlfriends Club and NOM*D, but for everyone else, here’s the glorious photo diary he put together for us on his recent trip across the pond from New Zealand.

Juno likes nothing more than to aimlessly walk around his hometown of Auckland “like a lost child”, soaking up all the sweet sights with his film camera. With his trusty cam in tow, he recently took advantage of the Trans-Tasman bubble and jumped on a flight to Sydney to see whether the hype surrounding our hospitality and creative scenes were worth it. (Spoiler: according to him, they are).

After you’re done snooping his highlights reel of Sydney feat. lots of colourful walls, editorial-worthy architecture, and cute coffee recommendations, get to know him better below.

Hi! What is the Juno elevator pitch?
Hiiiii, my name is Juno from South Korea and I have been living in New Zealand since 2009. Currently I am a model during the week and a barista on the weekend. (I can never give up on the perks of being a barista. FREE COFFEE y'all!).

Where do you call home? 
I originally grew up in a city called Suwon in South Korea with my family. But New Zealand is where I spent all of my 20s. I moved here by myself and am living independently away from my family, so I call Aotearoa a second home. 

Outside of modelling, how do you like to spend your time?
I love spending time at my favourite local cafe in the morning and walking around the city, looking for some cool spots to take photos. I love taking photos with my film camera and I find the best way to spot great hidden locations and interesting objects is aimlessly walking around plus looking at the surroundings like a lost child [laughs]. Other than that, most evenings I binge watch Netflix series or rewatch Lord of the Rings or Harry PotterUnless I have cute dinner catchups with my friends (just to put it out there, I am also social) [laughs].  

What drew you to Sydney?
I always wanted to visit Sydney but I didn't really have a proper chance to look around and explore. I think I have transited through many times and quickly saw the Opera House (we all know we have to), and had to run back to the airport to another destination. However, since the pandemic, we are so lucky that we have opened up our borders within the Tasman bubble so I wanted to take full advantage of it! I’ve heard really good things about hospo scenes and coffee as well as the creative and fashion field over here, so I wanted to visit and see for myself whether all that big fuss about Sydney was true or not. (And YES IT WAS!).    

What were some highlights of your stay?
Finding odd yet such vibing window displays at thrift shops in Newtown blew my mind. Oh, and also those colourful walls and houses with strange plants and flowers on side streets. A total vibe!  

What does your ideal day in Sydney look like?
Personally, I'd like it to be a sunny morning. I’d head to the cafe get my usual coffee (the barista will probably know what you drink there [laughs]) and start exploring the streets for the next photoshoot project I have in mind. I have found the streets in Sydney are just so pretty and very editorial-worthy.

Can you list your top three favourite places in Sydney to eat, shop and drink, and why are they your favourite?
Hmm, hard question. My first visit for three days was definitely not sufficient to pick top three suggestions—there was plenty to choose from with limited time! But I found a really good specialty coffee place and a cocktail bar in a hidden alley way! Ona coffee in Marrickville was one of my favourite places. They have so many different types and origins of coffee to choose from, so if you are into specialty coffee, this place is absolute paradise to go to. To drink, me and my friend found this low-key tequila bar in the CBD; such a tiny space with no sittings, just the bar, I bet even locals won't be able to manage to find this place easy! But I tell ya their tequila-based cocktails were 10 outta 10… it's called Cantina, OK!    

How would you describe Sydney in a sentence?
Sydney, you colourful thang!

What have you got planned for the rest of 2021?
Honestly, I wouldn't have any big plans. As you know, we are living in a world where nothing is  quite certain and constantly changing. In saying that... I just quit my full-time job (lol) to focus on modelling and working in the creative field so.. we will see what happens! I feel like I finally will have all the time to do what I have always really wanted to do. So, for the rest of 2021, I would really like to spend time improving and growing in the creative and modelling area and see where my efforts take me hehe. One last vague plan: If we are able to travel again anytime soon, I really want to plan a trip to other countries to see my friends around the world <3.

Features Editor: Madeleine Woon    Photos: Juno Jung 


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