Front Row Fun @ Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Show


— March 5, 2020 —

There’s two things we can always count on in this uncertain world: The sun will rise and set each day and Miu Miu attendees will forever turn out qt pie looks. 

The highlights reel: Grace O’Neill, sweetest of all earth angels and one-part of our favourite podcast duo, After Work Drinks, was there to flash us a grin. DJ Henri’s pink hair and yellow jumper combo was a major vibe, fellow Aussie and stylist extraordinaire Jamie-Maree Shipton brought the sartorial goods and we caught Mathilde Warnier and Lily Miel Taïeb in a heart-warming hug. Also, actors Régis Marvin Merveille N'Kissi Moggzi and Manon Bresch are officially the best dressed famous friends this side of Hollywood and Alexa Chung will always be our #1 style kween. 

Until next time, friends!


Features Editor: Madeleine Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill


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