— October 22, 2020 —

Bridget grew up in Sichuan, China and moved to Hong Kong when she was ten years old. She now lives in Sydney. 

Having attended international schools from age four, she has always felt “a sense of being ostracized and not belonging to any culture.” Her parents also instilled perfectionism in her at a young age, specifically in regards to academics and while she’s grown to realise her passion is in arts not academics, that perfectionism stuck.

“I think these factors shaped me in a way where I’m constantly trying to surpass myself creatively and build on my identity,” she says.


She doesn’t consider herself to be a spiritual person in any religious sense, but she does believe in the power of energy, separating the self from the ego, mindfulness, gratitude and love and all that stuff. (“Shoutout to TWQ <3”). The best piece of advice came to her when she was going through a really tough time. It was along the lines of, “Stop with the self deprecation, no one wants to hear it. Perform confidence to get confident. Happiness requires effort and choice.”

The first lesson she learned about herself during social isolation was “how difficult it was for me to sit with myself and my thoughts.” After overcoming that, slightly, the second lesson was that alone time makes her more creative and prolific. 

When waking, the first thing she does is: “Drink water. Good. Look at my phone. Bad.” If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be noodles (“There are so many types”) and to unwind, she likes to find new pretty places to explore with the people she loves, especially when that involves “eating good at nice places or picnicking.”

Her favourite movie is The Handmaiden, which she describes as a “beautiful, beautiful strange movie; a vulgar Korean/Japanese queer revenge drama!”

For Bridget, friendships are super important as “it’s always good to have people to share fun experiences with and drive you to grow.” 


Features Editor: Madeleine Woon    Photos: Daphne Nguyen    Fashion: Imogen Wilson    Assistant: Mia Wilson

Bridget is represented by Stone Street Agency


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