— May 11, 2017 —

Angel Ava was born in Carlton, Victoria and raised in Melbourne’s lushest suburb, Warrandyte. She loved growing up there, because of the “vast amount of bushland and space” — her parents street backed onto the river and National Park, and she “was always swimming and playing with all the other kids on the street.” An ideal coming-of-age backdrop!

She considers herself a spiritual person, but in “more of an ‘energy’ kind of way.” She feels like the moon has “great pull and control of most the energy and lifeforms on this planets” and that “intuition is humankind’s ‘sixth sense’”. While she loves herself some Instagram and Facebook vines, she’d be quite content giving up social media for a week. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of the life, she’d eat poached eggs on toast with mushies, avo and relish — but don’t hold her to that, because in her words, that question is “SO HARD!” We agree Ava, don’t worry. 

The best piece of advice she’s ever been given is: “Wear whatever, just wear it right” in regards to a Supré top she bought in year 5. We’re super into whatever wise human imparted that knowledge on her. This year, she’s most excited to launch her online vintage and hire store, alongside her Eve Polycarpous. She froths being able to work with mediums and things she loves with someone she adores, and thanks Eve for pushing her to “do something that I love again and reminding me that I actually have a creative side that needs to be active… I’ll always be grateful for that.” Awh. Her fave pieces from years of collecting are her 1980’s MOSCHINO double-breasted black fur coat, and her ‘Glam’ France Petrovitch and Eva Robinson, Maroon and Gold brocade skirt suit.

She got into modelling after shooting with friends and from people online asking her to do shoots for school portfolios and independent brands. Folk collective found her through that. She counts Jane Birkin, Christy Turlington, Jerry Hall and Kate Moss among her all-time fave models, but really prefers “amazing mod/glam/punk musicians from the 60s and 70s.” Based on the above info, we’re pretty bloody excited to cop her new vintage store!

In the next 10 years, she hopes there’ll be a 1960s type revolution — “kind of where the youth are so fed up with the government that they actually start having a voice and acting on it.” She also hopes that “all the wars are going to finish, that humanity is able to build itself up to be respectful to one another, and I really hope for more freedom and cultural acceptance for every human.” Amen. 

She def identifies as a feminist, saying that, “every person in this world should feel as though they are worthy of respect, equal pay and their opinion… It shouldn’t have to be said, it should just be that way.” While 90% of her friends are males, she reckons she’d go completely bonkers without her female friends and fam, ‘cause they’re the ones that “help me control my sensitivities, understand myself, and don’t let me feel like I’m going crazy when I’m PMS’ing hardcore.” Yep x 1000. 

To her, being cool is “being and expressing yourself in the most blunt way possible; It’s how you hold yourself.”

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Bec Martin   Fashion: Marli Atterton

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Shot on location in Central Melbourne, Australia


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