Alice Blomfeldt


— April 24, 2017 —

Swedish beauty Alice grew up in the States, but spent her teenage years in Stockholm. If you’ve ever popped by Sweden’s capital, you’ll understand why she feels so #blessed to have spent those teen years there, in what she sees as an “open-minded place, just small enough to never feel detached and with amazing deep green forests and nature to get lost in for hours, just a few minutes from the city!” Get. Us. There.

She’s been chillin’ in Athens, and loves the constant sunshine, abundance of feta cheese, strong presence of stray cats and the tiny, busy streets that characterise the dreamy Greek city. She decided to get a tattoo right after our shoot; rightfully seeing it as the best kind of souvenir you can leave a new city with. Time to trade in all those touristy fridge magnets, guys. The buzz-cut legend grew up on that Christianity tip, but has since eschewed it, instead believing in “our own human energy and the capacity to manipulate the energies we all are receptive to… everything we touch is part of an international ripple system, and I think we create our own waves that effect all around us.”

The best piece of advice she’s ever received is: “Aje, just breathe. In the end it’s all going to turn out good. If it’s not good, it’s not the end.” Sage AF. If she gave up social media for a hot minute, she’d feel “complete inner relief”, when she rises in the morning the first thing she does is down a BIG cup of coffee and a ciggie, and if she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, it’d be pizza (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), followed by a crispy beer. If that all-time combo wasn’t on offer, she’d make do with pesto eaten straight from the jar. Nutritionists need not read the above two sentences.

When it comes to books, she’s currently deep in a #tb Agatha Christy marathon. She hopes that in the next 10 years, we’ll “meet people as people; nothing more, nothing less.” In order for that to happen, she believes we “need to stop putting ourselves in our own separate realities; we’re detaching ourselves from the world we’re actually living in. It can be as simple as smiling or talking to a stranger on the subway. Baby steps are better than nothing, right?” 100%.

 She identifies as a feminist “without a doubt” because she truly wants to “live in a world that values everyone’s right to their own body, mind and soul.” The intersectional feminist believes that “people in many different positions meet major problems everyday” and so for her, any feminist who doesnt “strive for equality between ethnicity, sexuality, class, gender, ideology and so on” is “completely contradictory”. Yep. To her, female relationships are important because she has “always felt such reassurance and warmth from all the women in my life”, and also because “women are cool as fuck!” So are you, Alice!
On the topic of ‘cool’, the word represents for her “someone with a sense of self worth. When you relax and you're confident to be genuinely warm to others — that gives you many shapes of appeal.”

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Chloe Hill

Alice is represented by:
Wilhelmina LONDON


Shot on location around Plaka in Athens, Greece


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