A Tasty Tour of Paris, London & Milan with Model Maisie

London, Milan, Paris

β€” May 23, 2019 β€”

Maisie sure has been busy since we last spoke, travelling to all the big tickets on your European bucket list. From attending Brexit protests, rolling down grassy knolls and walking for Victoria Beckham in London, hanging out in Milano flower markets and escaping Paris Fashion Week to lay on very decadent lawns, she’s the human embodiment of the phrase ‘living your best life’. 

If you’re thinking of visiting Paris, London or Milan yourself, or just like looking at mood-enhancing pics, then find out all her travel tips in the gallery above (feat. a lot of cute humans!). Then, get to know one of CPC’s biggest faves better below… 

Can you give us the Maisie elevator pitch?
Hi, I’m Maisie! No not Daisy, although I’m told I smell just as sweet ;p.
Umm, well this is where I get off. My insta is @maisinadaze. Be sure to give it a stalk. OK, byeee!!

What was your highlight of LFW?
Okay, so I don’t want to sound like too much of a fan girl, but meeting one of the Spice Girls has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl listening to their cassette tapes in the car on my way to school. So when I got to not only meet, but also walk for, Victoria Beckham during LFW you can imagine how thrilled I was!

What’s the best thing about living in Paris?
I think an answer through the use of emojis shall suffice:

Where would you take someone visiting London for the first time?
London is the birthplace of the Sunday roast (Don’t quote me on that) so if a friend of mine was in town I’d insist they clear their Sunday schedule and join me for a traditional (well, traditional vegan) Sunday roast :). My favourite place to go for this is a cafe called Van Gough. It’s a fully vegan cafe and 100% homemade. They serve delicious nut roast wrapped in the most delicately flakey pastry, accompanied by a good serving of roasted potatoes and root veg with a side of sautéed cabbage, and a little pot of onion gravy to top it off. After that I’d probably take them to my fave London markets and a nice park to chill after a big day :). 

If Paris were an emoji:
Paris has many layers to it, much like an onion, so I’m going to break it down into a few categories… 





Local fauna:πŸ€

If Paris were a YouTube video:
‘Pizza Rat: Croissant Edition’. Okay, I don’t actually think it exists but it totally should . 

If Paris were a colour:
To me Paris has two distinctive colours—those being red  and whiteπŸ₯‚. I’m sure you’ll cheers to that!

If Paris were a song:
I think the Rupaul classic ‘Supermodel’ makes sense here.

Words: Maddy Woon  

Maisie is represented by Kult 


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