— November 20, 2017 —

Morgan is a model/student/legend who lives in Romford, Essex. Her childhood was filled with happiness and was markedly absent of any sadness or regret, which she (correctly) believes is the definition of a perfect upbringing. Growing up, her and the fam kept things 100% adventurous with sunny holidays to India and snowy winter trips to New York. Those fab international travels pale in comparison to chilling with her dog, though, who she spent most of her childhood with and has “absolutely adored ever since I can remember!” Cuteness! If she was showing a newbie around Essex, her first port of call would be High Beach in Epping Forest, as “there are some stunning walking routes where you are at one with nature and it is peaceful.” Mmm. 

She’s still living out her best years at school, and says Geography is her fave subject “because you are able to understand the world in which you live in from so many different perspectives.” Please join our trivia team, stat! The added perk of visiting beautiful countries like Iceland on school trips doesn’t hurt, either. Once she’s graduated, she’s pumped to focus more on her career as a model—an “amazing opportunity that makes you unique from many other people.” ICYM her discovery story, Morgan was scouted at Capital's Summertime Ball Concert at the end of June 2017 by Models1, and was “immediately interested in what the modelling industry had to offer.” At 5’10, she had considered modelling before to put her height to good use. She was also voted ‘Most Likely To Become A Model’ in secondary school. If the shoe fits! 

Despite being obsessed with London, she’d choose nature over city any day of the week. Aside from being a huge animal lover, she can’t get enough of the serenity and calming vibes that nature’s presence brings. A-M-E-N. She’s prefer to scroll through Instagram than Netflix—“I get bored whilst watching films, but I love to see everyone's photos and what they are up to”—and would take an early morning over late night, always. When it comes to the *perf* date, she subscribes to a ‘simplicity is key’ mantra, which includes non-materialistic things like walks through a park or a game of crazy golf. 

Outside of modelling, the lil’ bae likes to spend her time horse riding, something she’s been religiously doing on a Sunday for 9 years now. When getting dressed in the morning, her first thought is ‘I wonder how cold it is out today’—a practical approach we can definitely get around. Her favourite thing about growing up is watching how fashion and trends change over time. “Looking back at how my parents used to dress me makes me question how such a style was acceptable,” she continues. 

Her favourite time of year is Christmas, because it’s when the whole family comes together and [she] remembers just why a loving family is so important.” On the topic of importance, she believes that “accepting every religion and race” is incredibly imperative, especially in the current climate. “If everyone spread love instead of hatred, the world would be at peace.” 

Craig David is on high rotation for her at the moment, because he appeals to all generations with his “older and current music.” If she was an on-screen character, it’d def be Russel from Up because “he is so sweet, his kindness is inspiring, and he loves animals!” True! She’s her happiest when all her school work is done and she’s stress free, leaving her time to chill out and listen to music, play with her dog, and do everything I love doing without feeling guilty. 

To her, being ‘cool’ means “that people admire you for who you are, what you do and how you go about life.” Furthermore, “being cool is being different in a good way, and it's cool to be kind.”

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Ebony Talijancich     Fashion: Chloe Hill

Morgan is represented by Models 1 LONDON

Shot on location around Angel, London


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