Billie Jean


— October 13, 2019 —

Bright young thang Billie is originally from Fitzroy Crossing, a small town in the Kimberley of Western Australia. She spent most of her childhood there before moving to Perth at age five for a “better education and more opportunities.” Growing up in the Kimberley was “the best” and she “wouldn't have it any other way!” Not many people can say that the Fitzroy River was their backyard, and she certainly made the most of her time there, swimming, fishing, hunting, sleeping out under the stars, and learning all about her Aboriginal culture. If you were to visit, she’d take you down to the river to fish, swim, or just chill out and enjoy the view. 

As one of six kids, she said life could get a little chaotic at times growing up, but was nonetheless “so much fun!” She’s super close with all her siblings—Nixon, Foxie, Rosie, Kimberley and Django—and says they never tire of each other. In fact, they’re the “biggest blessing” in her life and the thing she misses most about Perth. Growing up in such a small remote community helped her to appreciate the simple things in life, like family, health, happiness, and nature. “I realised that you don't have to have it all,” she says. “[And to] just be grateful and make the most of what you already have.” 

Billie started modelling for fun at a local agency when she was six-years-old and always knew it was something she wanted to pursue in the future. She dove into acting and played sports for a hot minute before returning to modelling ten years later when she signed on to Chadwick Models in Perth for two years. After that, she took a break from modelling and travelled for three months, eventually returning back to Australia where she casually sent through some digitals to Priscilla’s Model Management, who to her surprise (and probably noone elses) replied asking to schedule a meeting. She returned home to Perth for only a week before jetting off to Sydney where she met with Doll and Maddy, who she now calls her “lovely agents.” 

Her most recent travels took her to California, which was everything she imagined it would be and more. “I decided to travel to Los Angeles to find some creative inspiration,” she explains. “Some highlights for me were definitely the street performers, fashion trends and street style, and of course the heavenly beaches in Malibu.” 

Outside of modelling, she loves to play netball and dedicated six years of her life to playing netball for her high school, local clubs, district associations and regional development academies, as well as state league. “I dreamt of playing for the Australian Diamonds,” she says. “However, not so long after making state league, I was scouted by Chadwick Models. Things became a little difficult to juggle so I decided to cut ties with my netball career and focus on my true passion: modelling.” She also loves nature, and if she’s not on shoot, you’ll find her chilling on the beach or wandering through a park or botanical garden. 

The most rewarding part of her job is meeting and working with such inspiring, motivated and like-minded people, and she says that being able to call modelling her job is “an absolute dream come true.” The most challenging thing, for her, is maintaining good mental health and wellbeing, especially since she’s so far away from her family. During those spells, she usually heads down to the beach or takes a hot yoga class or two to help clear her mind and stay focused. The best piece of advice she’s ever received comes courtesy of her Great Grandfather—a WWII Double Black Diamond Commando—who said that “There’s no such thing as can’t.” Because of him, she never gives up. 

Billie has always been spiritual thanks to her Aboriginal culture and beliefs, however, she recently started doing yoga which has helped her to tap even deeper into her spirituality. “I believe in auras, chakras, vibrations and even collect crystals for good luck,” she says. “My favourite crystal at the moment is my clear quartz crystal which I never leave the house with. It helps with manifestation, healing and clearing the mind of negativity.” 

She doesn’t use social media very often, being of the opinion that its not overly uplifting. In fact, she recently went on a social media detox of sorts, where she camped for a week in some of the “epic” National Parks in California. “I visited and hiked a few trails through Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and the Redwoods,” she explains. “It was quite the adventure and I totally forgot about social media!” 

In ten years time, she hopes that the whole social media craze will die down, as well as the madness of materialism. “I hope that we as a society begin to find inner and world peace through loving, honouring and respecting Mother Earth, as she too is a living organism.” 

With summer approaching, she’s most looking forward to “spending hours at the beach, sunkissed skin, acai bowls, road trips, warm nights, beautiful blue skies and all that good stuff.” The coolest thing she’s learned recently is that music helps plants grow faster, because plants have genes which enable them to hear. Mind. Blown. She loves to while away her time listening to music and scouring through vinyls at record stores, loving and appreciating all genres of music, especially 90s RnB and Hip Hop, as well as old school Rock n Roll and Pop. Her favey song is ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson, and her favourite movie is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Taranontino. 

To Billie, ‘cool’  means being authentic, having an effortless edge, and standing out from the crowd. 

Feature: Madeleine Woon     Photos: Anna Plunkett & Chloe Hill     

Billie Jean is represented by Priscillas

Shot on location in Como, Sydney



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