Beautiful People in Beautiful Clothes at Chanel’s PFW Show


— March 8, 2020 —

As always, Chanel’s PFW show was a true sight to behold. Each season, the luxury house achieves the mountainous task of outdoing previous years. This year, models walked out—at times in pairs or triplets—on a makeshift catwalk that was made to look like Paris’ iconic River Seine. There were cute mid-runway giggles, a predominantly black and white collection that stayed true to the Chanel aesthetic, and lots of friendship, feminism and women supporting each other vibes.


Attendees were giving us major warm and fuzzies after the show, all of them wearing a smattering of Chanel, some with a touch of Barrie knitwear mixed in for good measure. (Here’s looking at you, Declan Chan, with your delicious chocolate-coloured cashmere jacket. Mmm).

Janelle Monáe had mouths agape in a two-toned jacket and jewels aplenty. Japanese twins Ami and Aya were back at it in matching looks, BYO’ing their cute friends this time around. French actress Karidja was pure class in a cream tweed dress and Aleali May's look was outta this world, thanks to her space-like Chanel handbag. Look, seeing beautiful people dressed in beautiful clothes is great and all, but the true highlight was the fluffy white doggo poking its head out of a hot pink, butterfly-adorned bag, no?

Merci Beaucoup, Chanel!

Features Editor: Madeleine Woon    Photos: Chloe Hill


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