Lara Killham-Walter


— September 4, 2017 —

Lit human Lara grew up in London, and has since relocated to Melbourne. She’s never really felt completely at home anywhere — both since her parents aren’t English and because she’s an immigrant to Melbs — and as a result, she’s learnt to embrace her individuality, as well as that of others. She “knew [she] would always be an outsider in some way, so decided to forget about trying to fit in.” She also values female friendships (“of course”), because of the usefulness of talking to people with shared experiences. In high school, she was known for being a “fervent Marxist feminist”, and is nowadays still somewhere around that label, “but a little more weathered, and a bit less eager to categorise [herself].” 

Lara is constantly moved by how inspiring all her friends and family are in their own way. You can catch her listening to Captain Beefheart ‘Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles’, Lizzy Mercier Descloux ‘Hard Boiled Babe’, and The Knife ‘Without you my Life Would be Boring’ on repeat. There’s flecks of philosophy in her university classes, and she is a self-proclaimed “philosophy nerd”, but she doesn’t have one favourite philosopher per se, ‘cause “they’re all naughty”. Despite that, she’s currently reading A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari — something that she’s sure she’ll regret publicly revealing, but a good insight into her philosophical areas of interest.

When she’s not modelling, she works as a sound engineer, which she got into through a friend. She was his sidekick for a hot second, and many hours, cables, and post-gig beers late, she started doing it on her own, with “many thanks to him.” Outside of that, her main extracurricular activity is making techno music under the name Lara Kills. In her downtime, you can catch her reading Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh and Shakespeare. She’d also love to broaden her knowledge of more contemporary fiction writers, ‘cause she tends to read mostly nonfiction these days. 

To her, femininity is “beautifully diverse, with lots of expressions”, and while she’s comfy being alone, she does enjoy being around others. She mostly uses ‘cool’ as a synonym for good, and it doesn’t hold all that much weight for her. “I think I used to use it more as a synonym for intimidating and the fact that it doesn't hold those connotations for me make me think I may have become braver, which is a nice thought.” 

Words: Maddy Woon    Images: Bec Martin   Fashion: Abby Bennett

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Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia



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